Wingham High School

Learning in an Environment of Respect, Trust, Fairness and Positivity

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About our school

Wingham High seeks to ensure a comprehensive educational program for all students by providing a sound formal education, effective welfare programs and a range of sporting and cultural opportunities.

The school has a well established reputation for students achieving at the highest level in academic, cultural and sporting pursuits. Student achievement is consistently applauded and recognised through the Endeavour Scheme and Excellence Assemblies.

The school has an established reputation winning Director-General's Awards for vocational education initiatives and for its part in the reconciliation project 'Nothing's Going To Stop Our Dream' and an Assistant Director-General's Award for agriculture education. The school was established in 1962. A capital works program in 1991 added twelve permanent teaching spaces.

A farm enterprise concentrating on the raising of fat cattle is additional to the usual school agriculture teaching and learning facilities.